1 Accounts – You are not a bank

You are not a bank

You Are Not A Bank As a small business, credit control can be a nightmare. Paul will tell you that when he first started running his traditional accountancy practice (Paul Donno & Co) he was pulling his hair out when he would do work, invoice the client and then not get paid. Unlike buying a … Read more 1 Accounts – You are not a bank

1 Accounts February Update

Febuary fist bump

February Update With the daylight lasting longer, the weather warming and a marvellous press release there are lots of happy faces here at 1 Accounts this February.    James & Grace After what seems like an eternity, Grace and James are both back at college studying for their Level 4 AAT. We have changed providers … Read more 1 Accounts February Update

Green is the new black – why go paperless?

1 Accounts helping the environment

GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK Trees. Water. Carbon emissions. Time. Money. The environmental impact of paper production in the financial industry is significant and yet completely avoidable. In an age where nearly everything is digital and in the cloud, we needen’t use so much paper. Using an online calculater we have esstimated that as firm … Read more Green is the new black – why go paperless?