Why we love Dext!

Dext, formally known as Receipt Bank, is a software that we recommend so much that we include it in all our Limited Company and Sole Trade services!

Using it, you can take a photograph of your receipts and it will extract the information from them with 99% accuracy and upload it to your accounting software.

Why do we love it so much?

This easy to use and time saving software fits right in with our ethos of “life is too short to be doing your accounts”! Instead of spending lots of time manually inputting the data from all your receipts, invoices, or bank statements, you can upload them to Dext instead. This means you can get the right information into your Xero account quickly and easily.

If we do your bookkeeping for you, then using Dext also keeps our bookkeeping team happy! You will be able to send the necessary information with as little effort as possible whilst allowing them to keep on top of your bookkeeping, a definite win-win!

We love a product that saves time like this does, and just think about what you could be doing with the time you save!

How does Dext work?

Our fantastic bookkeeper Charlie has prepared a video giving you an overview of Dext and some of its features:

To make things even easier, Dext have prepared a helpful PDF guide on how to use their mobile app. Download it by clicking here.

Dext have also got some very helpful videos on their YouTube channel. Below is a video that goes into more detail about the various methods that you can use to submit your information to Dext, including Fetch, email, and the mobile app.

If you are struggling with using Dext or have any questions about it, please contact any members of our bookkeeping team as they will be happy to help you