Don’t let the Christmas period get in the way of the Self-Assessment deadline!

Don’t let the Christmas period get in the way of the self-assessment deadline!

Christmas is always a busy time of year, but for us it doesn’t stop after the festivities are over. With the Self-Assessment tax return deadline on January 31st, January is our busiest time of year.

A self-assessment tax return is required if you are a sole trader earning over the personal tax allowance, the director of a company who receives dividends, or if you have additional income which is not taxed through PAYE. If you are a client of ours on our Young Business service, Growing Business service, Rapid Growth service, or a sole trader then we take can care of this for you.

Send us your information early to avoid missing the deadline

Our clients on these services have the stress of completing their tax return taken away as we do a calculation to work out how much tax they owe and complete all the HMRC forms on their behalf. Once the tax return is approved by the client, we make sure it is filed with HMRC before the deadline.

As a firm, we try to prepare early by requesting all the information we need to complete your tax return at the end of the tax year on April 5th. This allows us to avoid the rush and get many tax returns in well ahead of the deadline. Our tax return clients will have received an email from us asking them to upload their documents to our secure platform. This platform is fully compliant with GDPR and data protection regulations, so there is no need to worry about your personal information!

We also send regular reminder emails throughout the year to make sure that all our clients don’t forget to send their documents to us on time. It is important to send us this information as early as possible as you can face a penalty from HMRC if you do not get us the required information in time for us to complete and file your tax return.

By sending us all the information we need before Christmas, you can relax over the festive period knowing that your self-assessment will be taken care of!

No one wants a Tax Investigation.

No one wants a Tax Investigation.

It is true that as business owners we don’t want HMRC asking awkward questions and taking up our precious time by visiting us on a routine (or not!) compliance visit.

This week two of our clients have been subject to compliance visits from HMRC, one for PAYE and CIS, and the other for VAT. Understandably, our clients in both cases were worried by a visit from HMRC and needed our support from start to finish.

PAYE Investigation

In the case of the PAYE compliance, which included CIS, we were able to speak to our client before the meeting, attend the meeting along with our client, and reply to HMRC’s request in order to close the enquiry. We dealt with the issues and questions raised in the meeting successfully and HMRC could see that we had a good handle on our client’s business. They have now closed the case without penalty or further tax charge.  Our client was very happy that we were able to attend and support them at the meeting as it gave them extra peace of mind.

VAT Investigation

The VAT visit was very similar. We briefed our client before the meeting and attended the meeting with the VAT officer. One item was picked up by HMRC and a small adjustment will be made on the next return. In this case HMRC were complimentary about our business set up and the service that we provide our client, especially in understanding the business from the client’s point of view. This client is also really pleased with the service and were reassured by the fact that we were able to attend the meeting and deal with any questions that came up.

We have you covered

We insure ALL of our clients to cover our fees for dealing with HMRC from start to finish in these situations.  We often have clients tell us that they are covered by The Chamber of Commerce or The Federation for Small Businesses, however the cover from both organisations does not allow us to deal with any investigation that may occur, and so our support is limited. It is for this reason that we took the decision to fully cover our clients for no additional charge.

We appreciate that no one wants a Tax Investigation, however if a client does have an investigation it is really important that we are there, as we can help the client to deal with HMRC effectively. In both cases this week HMRC didn’t find anything of significance and both of our clients were very happy with our service. They were especially happy that our fees for assisting with the visits are covered by the insurance policy benefit that we have taken on their behalf and that there was no extra cost to them.