About Us

1 Accounts officially began on 23rd December 2013 when Paul and Jenni Donno set up their own accountancy firm in Haverhill. They wanted 1 Accounts to be different from traditional accountants and to give more support to their clients. They were pioneers of cloud-based accounting and refused to use timesheets, instead favouring a monthly payment system that we use to this day.

5 years later with hard work, determination, and ambition they had grown the business successfully both in terms of clients and team members. This included more accountants, bookkeepers, and even the first apprentice, James.

In 2018 Paul and Jenni’s daughter Jade started working at the company as Practice Manager. Her sister Katie also joined in 2019 making it a proper family affair!

They continued to grow and support their clients, even throughout the pandemic in 2020. Their foresight in setting up the company to be able to work remotely and from anywhere allowed all of the team to make an easy transition to working from home which was instrumental in the continued support of our clients.

In 2022, The 1 Accounts team has grown to a team of 15. We have moved into a new office building which will allow us to continue to grow!

December 2023, 1Accounts turns 10!

Boring to Soaring

Our director Paul has written his first book. The book tells of how he started his business life as a young lad collecting golf balls from the local golf club, to building a business, merging a business and ultimately building the current business.



Our Values


At our core we are a family business. This goes further than the Donno family,we treat all of our team members like family and make sure to look after each other and reach out to our colleagues and clients If we see them struggling or needing help.


Our customer focused mentality means being completely and totally dedicated to our clients. This includes being proactive and consistent in our communication, taking an interest in the client’s business and life by being friendly and inquisitive, and always going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


We have a strong ethical approach to our work and make sure that we always do the right thing, even if it may cause some disruption.


We are committed to changing and evolving our own mentality and business to keep up to date with the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of accountancy and business. Adapting to and being willing to change will allow us to grow our clients business and succeed within our own industry.


We always aim to follow through on commitments we make to both our clients and our team members, however sometimes it is not possible and will own up if we are going to fall short or make a mistake. We believe that maintaining honesty and communication will gain trust with both the clients and colleagues.


Working together through communication and friendship will allow for a happy working environment and a better client experience.


We want to Delight our clients with an experience they love. We are proud to deliver the service we do to clients because we help them to understand and prosper in their business. We love to exceed expectations and never stop short of awesome.

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Why Choose Us?

Technology drives the business and always has.

1 Accounts uses Xero, BrightPay, Practice Ignition, Karbon, GoCardless, Stripe and Clarity to manage the business and help clients manage theirs. By using these applications 1 Accounts has first-hand experience of the technology and applications that can help a small business to operate more effectively.

Time sheets are a dirty word

1 Accounts does not and never will use time sheets in the business. Why does this matter? Traditional accountancy firms bill clients for their time – six minutes on the phone, you’re billed! That does not happen at 1 Accounts as all clients are on fixed monthly fees. Not being a slave to time sheets means that 1 Accounts has a happier team and happier clients.

The real deal

1 Accounts were pioneers of online accounts. Paul was promoting the benefits of “the cloud” long before Making Tax Digital (MTD) came over the horizon. Many traditional accountants have jumped onto the online bandwagon but they are late to the party and a long way down the experience curve.

If you want to work with a team that really understands the concept and benefits of digital accounts, and who are Xero and Sage Business Cloud Gold Partners, it is time to talk to 1 Accounts.