Celebrating a Decade of 1 Accounts

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Pioneers

As we stand on the brink of a significant milestone, it’s time to turn the pages back to where it all began—a journey from a modest room in our house to a prominent office in Haverhill. Ten years ago, Paul and Jenni Donno set out with a vision to bring cloud accounting to the forefront of the business world. With a handful of clients and a passion for change, 1 Accounts was born.

Early Recognition and the Pursuit of Innovation (2013-2015)

Our inaugural years set the tone for what was to become a saga of relentless pursuit of service excellence. Early accolades at the British Accountancy Awards and being named Sage’s Online Provider of the Year were not just trophies on our shelves—they were the fuel that propelled us forward.

Building Our Culture and Community (2016-2019)

As our team expanded, so did our need for space, leading us to our high-street office. We weren’t just recognised for our professional expertise—we also embedded fun into our culture with initiatives like Sausage Roll Fridays and Dress Down Fridays. Our team-building events, including a memorable day at Wild Tracks and a triumphant outing at Top Golf, reinforced the bond that is the backbone of our firm. Our team grew with the addition of cherished members like Adrian, Kerry and James, whose growth from apprentice to a fully qualified accountant mirrored our own evolution.

Adapting to Change, Supporting Through Challenges (2020-2021)

The unforeseen pandemic tested the mettle of businesses everywhere. At 1 Accounts, we transitioned to remote work seamlessly, thanks to our cloud-based systems. Our team worked tirelessly to navigate new schemes, offering additional support to our clients when they needed it most. The introduction of office dogs Honey and Jango, and the shift to a hybrid work model, were testaments to our adaptability and focus on well-being.

A New Chapter of Leadership and Legacy (2022-2023)

These past two years have been about leadership and legacy. We’ve been recognised once more for our dedication to the industry, with Paul winning Business Leader of the Year and Katie being shortlisted for Employee of the Year. The addition of Josh to the family business, the integration of new services, and our engaging networking events are the highlights that showcase our commitment to growth and community.

Our Gratitude and Vision for the Future

As we celebrate this 10-year anniversary, we are filled with gratitude for the trust and support of our clients and the dedication of our team. Our story is not just about the numbers; it’s about the people, the relationships, and the shared successes. We are proud of our past and excited for the future.

Here’s to the next decade of innovation, service, and community at 1 Accounts. Thank you for being a pivotal part of our journey.

Our Journey to Becoming Xero Platinum Partners

Celebrating Our Journey to Becoming Xero Platinum Partners: How Your Trusted Business Advisors & Accountants in Haverhill Made it to the Top

We’re incredibly excited to announce a milestone moment for our team here at 1 Accounts Online. After years of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, we have officially become Xero Platinum Partners. This achievement places us among an elite group of UK accountants recognised for their expertise and service quality.

This journey began with a vision to be more than just accountants in Haverhill. We wanted to become trusted business advisors and coaches, helping businesses transform their financial management and achieve their objectives. Xero, with its innovative approach to online accounting, aligned perfectly with this vision, and we embraced its platform to provide a seamless, intuitive accounting experience to our clients.

Becoming a Xero Platinum Partner represents a commitment to efficiency, modernity, and exceptional client service. As UK accountants, we’re proud to be part of an community of accountants that Xero recognises for their dedication to clients.

At 1 Accounts Online, we’re not just accountants in Haverhill; we’re also renowned business advisors and coaches. We understand the challenges of running a business. That’s why our role as business coaches in Haverhill extends beyond numbers. We strive to provide strategies that help businesses thrive, with an emphasis on financial health, growth and sustainability.

This new status as a Xero Platinum Partner confirms our ability to provide superior service to businesses in Haverhill and beyond. It’s a validation of our skills and a testament to the relationships we’ve built with our clients, who trust us to guide their financial journey.

However, this achievement isn’t just about us; it’s about you – our clients. Your faith and trust in our services as your preferred UK accountants and business advisors have made this journey possible. We thank you for your unwavering support and promise to continue delivering excellence, innovation, and professional guidance.

So, whether you need expert accountants in Haverhill or dedicated business coaches in Haverhill, remember that at 1 Accounts Online, we’re committed to helping you build your dreams. This journey from zero to Xero Platinum Partner has been an exciting one. We look forward to continuing to strive for excellence together.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights from your trusted business advisors at 1 Accounts Online.

We Make Pictures Logo

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

We get by with a little help from our friends.

This classic Beatles song has never rung more true. Right now we all need a little help from our friends. In the current circumstances it is time to work together and pull on whatever resources you can. We are always humbled by the help and support from our clients even when times are tough. We have been trying to help business owners from Sole Traders to Limited Companies during this current crisis. To get the message out Paul has been using his home video set up which was working OK – he thought.

Since the success of our evening group zoom calls, Paul was keen to start developing some You Tube Videos to help clients. During one of our Zoom sessions Edd from We Make Pictures kindly offered his help to set Paul up properly. On Sunday morning inspiration hit and so Paul contacted Edd for some help. Paul wanted to make a video for Sole Traders. In a short period of time Paul learnt a lot about lighting, sound and picture composition, which takes a lot for a humble accountant!

Paul had some basic equipment around him. He used his Canon 80D camera for the video, a USB Blue Snowball Ice microphone and a photography light. Edd spent time with Paul over Zoom advising on how to light the scene and record good quality audio with the equipment available.  Edd then helped to sync all the elements together

Paul's set up

Before Edd’s help 


After Edd’s Help 


Before picture of Paul

This is Paul’s first Vlog and he hopes to record some more next week wearing a branded polo-shirt from Kiiwii clothing. Edd’s input was huge and made a significant difference to the output of Paul’s Video. Paul found it very interesting speaking to Edd as he has a huge amount of Knowledge and passion for his industry.

If you would like Edd’s help to create a video, he is offering all of our clients a free consultation to help you get set up! – How nice is that! His email address is INFO@WEMAKEPICTURES.CO.UK

At this time we all need to support each other and if someone offers you help – TAKE IT! When we come through this, we are certain that those of us that have tried our very best to help will come out stronger.


Hands in the middle with 1 Accounts logo

Tough Times Ahead – We Are All In This Together

Tough Times Ahead – We Are All In This Together

Without doubt we are facing an unprecedented difficult time. Small business owners are trying to make money for themselves, their family and staff. It is looking likely that we will have to make some cutbacks and decisions that go against the grain.

As a small business we have a team to pay and clients to look after. We could just throw in the towel and say that we are all doomed; but we have sat back, feet on the table and reflected on the situation. We have looked at our own business, how we should respond and what new opportunities are available.

1 Accounts is a family run business with Paul, Jenni, Jade and Katie Donno all working in the office. They all depend on 1 Accounts as well as the fantastic team around them. We have very strong family values and we hope that this comes across to our clients in all that we do.

Unfortunately we will know someone that may well loose a loved one and we will be there to help them and support them in the best way we can. Pauls dad has been in poor health and the Donno family are continuously worried about him contracting the virus. We have found ways of supporting them with Paul’s mum phoning him nearly everyday with her food shopping order.

We are being told that 80% of the population will catch the virus. Experts have said that it is actually a mild flu and most people will recover. This means that at the end of this pandemic we will need to live again. The 1 Accounts team are looking forward to going back to the pub for a beer of three.

Here are our top tips for small business owners: 

Be Positive 

There is a lot of fake news out there and the media loves to sensationalise what Boris says. On March 16th Boris announced that where possible work from home. He used the phrase where possible as it is not possible for everyone. We would suggest you limit the news, especially Facebook (hard we know) so you can stay positive.

Smiling Child

What do your customers need?

Shipping button

We have seen some great examples in and around Haverhill. Nine Jars are delivering coffee and paninis to the high street for £5, they are also offering food deliveries from their normal menu; for every 10th meal they deliver they will donate one to the local food bank. This is a great example of how to think ‘outside of the box’. Another local business Ben & Ella’s Farm Shop are offering an ‘Isolation Box’ that they can deliver.  If customers can’t come to you – go to them.

Even Domino’s have a ‘no contact’ delivery service now – so even the big boys are adapting.

Small Wins

Look for the small wins and keep your overheads covered. When this finishes in a couple of months people will want to engage with you and will be craving human contact. You will need to plan, plan, plan to be able to survive the next couple of months. It is a good idea to watch China and see what they are doing, they are in front of us and will be showing the rest of the world what is next and how there economy is starting to bounce back. Also watch out and listen to people who have had the virus and how quickly they have recovered from it.



Tell your customers what you are doing and if you are suffering, tell them that too. Being open will help to gather the support you need. Also keep your team informed, this is a worrying time for them too. You need them as much as they need you.

Don’t cut back on your Marketing!

If anything increase your marketing and keep your message going. Tell your investors and suppliers what is happening and ask for help if needed.

If you are stuck on your social media speak to Jade and she will be happy to help you free of charge whilst the crisis is on. We want to help you in anyway we can to keep your business afloat. Afterall we need your business to keep going, to keep ours going.

Cash Is King 

You will need more cash now more than ever before. Securing your cash is paramount. The government has announced that it will help small businesses with Statutory Sick Pay and government back lending; we will update you on this when we know more.

HMRC are extending their time to pay arrangements for PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax to help you through this. We again can help you to organise this.

Check your business interruption insurance to see if you are covered and work with your broker to see how you can claim.

Look at your personal position and see if you can cut costs. Sky sports are not showing the Football or Rugby, now is the time to discuss this and get a reduction. Do you need the cinema and Gym membership if you can’t go?

We can help you and have changed our business model to treat your immediate needs above our normal day to day work.

We are all in this together.

Think Outside Of The Box

Your business will change by the end of this and hopefully for the better. We have lots of ideas and would be happy to brainstorm with you free of charge to help you get through this difficult period.

Gift Box

Be Kind

Above all, help your fellow small business and they will help you now and in the future. Do not take this opportunity to sell hand gel or toilet rolls at an inflated price, you will possibly have a more comfortable time now but you will not survive when business returns to normality. Paul still avoids a garage that inflated costs during the fuel crisis. Harming your reputation could be detrimental in the future.


Please give us a call – even if it is just to vent and we will be more than happy to help.

We are all in this together

Raised £33274.97 for St Nicholas Hospice Care

Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community

As a business giving back to the community is important. The size of business or contribution is unimportant, however having a caring and socially aware ethos is paramount. Many businesses are becoming more aware of their corporate responsibilities and are focusing on their environmental efforts, fundraising events, Employee wellbeing and volunteering. To give back doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming; a small contribution will help the community, your brand and staff morale.

As a business we fall into the definition of a Micro Business. We are thankful to the businesses, people and community that has continued to support us and has helped us develop the 1 Accounts we have today.

Paul’s Inspiration 

When Sage launched the Sage Foundation Paul was really impressed that such a large global company wanted to give something back. The best part was that employees could have time off to work on a community project or for a charity of their choice. This inspired Paul to create 1 Accounts on the same ethos.

Sage Accounting accounting partner

Teach a Man To Fish

Memories are golden board

1 Accounts is based in Haverhill, Suffolk. It is so important to help our community in Haverhill. As Accountants we are often asked to be treasurer of various clubs and charities. However we would rather teach them to manage this part of their organisation themselves. We have often provided training and guidance free of charge to help. As they say “give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

We have also helped charities with their independent examination reports. These charities often have a special meaning to us as a Business.


We have supported national charity LPUK. Little People UK is close to our hearts as our Sales Manager Katie has Dwarfism. The LPUK helped Katie when she was younger by giving her a community of others with the same condition. In 2018 Paul rode the London 100 with two friends to raise the much needed money for the charity. Although Paul found this to be a huge challenge, he found participating for the charity very rewarding.


Voulenteer postet note

This year we are taking a leaf out of the Sage Foundation book. We are going to volunteer at the Haverhill food bank Reach. This means all of us at 1 Accounts will spend a day helping them give back to our community.

St Nicholas Hospice 

Another charity we love to support is St Nicholas Hospice. The fundraising team at St Nicholas Hospice have their work cut out as the Hospice needs a phenomenal £11,000 every day to function. Last year we sponsored their Accumulator Challenge and helped raise £33274.97 for the hospice. We are proud to say we will be sponsoring again this year and hope to raise even more!

Accumulator Challenge Awards


Paul giving a speech

Paul has also delivered talks on running a business at our local prison, Highpoint. Paul loves this as he gets some great (and honest) conversations on setting up and running a business. This takes half a day but doesn’t cost a penny to deliver.

Feeling Inspired? 

With a bit of planning and a little time, you can really help your community. The sense of belonging and wellbeing on you as a business owner and your team can be immense.

Outside of a flower shop

Supporting Local Independent Businesses

Supporting Local Independent Businesses

1 Accounts Haverhill is based on the top of the high street in Haverhill providing a service to both local and non-local businesses. Where we can we will support Haverhill businesses and we encourage our client to do the same.

The Economy

Not many people realise that shopping locally is great for the local economy. Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop results in up to £50 going into the local economy. This is due to local business owners putting the money back into the economy by them shopping, using and spending time and money in other local businesses. 1 Accounts use local Haverhill Bistro Nine Jars to host their company meals therefore putting money back into the Haverhill high street.

More Job Opportunities

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally. Local employers are more likely to pay a higher than average wage than their commercial chain counterparts. Helping to grow the number of jobs in your area creates a healthy economy for the community. 1 Accounts Haverhill currently employ six members of staff. Four of the employees are Haverhill based and walk to work.


The best thing about using local businesses is that they are run by people; not by boards, stockholders or computers. This often mean a much better customer experience. For example; 1 Accounts Haverhill use Kiiwii Clothing and Promotions for anything that needs branding. When ordering their branded notebooks they could pop into their offices on the outskirts of Haverhill and discuss exactly what they wanted with Keith & Amanda. Ordering online, you do not get this level of service or have the trust that you will get exactly what you want.


Small businesses can make changes and be innovative without having to jump through hoops. 1 Accounts were at the forefront of online accounting and now other accountancy firms are following suit. Haverhill has a wealth of small business that are leading the way for innovation.

In short, why would you not use a local business? 1 Accounts Haverhill & Cambridge will continue to use local businesses to enhance their local economy.

Accumulator Challenge group shot

The 1 Accounts Accumulator Challenge

The 1 Accounts Accumulator Challenge

This year we are thrilled to announce that we are the sponsor for St Nicholas Hospice’s Accumulator Challenge. We felt it fitting that on their 10th year anniversary we should be the sponsor as Paul won the first one raising £2600. This year we hope to get lots of business involved and make this the best year ever!

Who are St Nicholas Hospice? 

St Nicholas Hospice is a local charity providing help, advice and support to people in West Suffolk and Thetford in the final chapters of their life who are living with long-term and life threatening illnesses. Their services are not just for patients but for family members and friends too. They include anything from specialist medical care to bereavement support and practical help. To run the hospice they require £11,000 every single day. Any help to raise money to help is greatly appreciated.

What is the Accumulator Challenge? 

The Accumulator challenge is a great event for business to get involved in. On the 13th of June you will receive a crisp £50 note. From that £50 you need to generate as much profit as possible. You have until the end of September to raise as much money as you can. There will then be an awards ceremony in October to announce the winners.

What can I do to raise money? 

Here at 1 Accounts we want to help you with creating ideas to make the most money from your £50. Below are just a few ideas you could action:

  • Hold an auction
  • Hold a fundraising event
  • Complete a sporting challenge
  • Social activities

For 5 years Paul, Jenni, Jade and Katie were involved in the Challenge, they dressed up as clowns, busked, held a casino night and wine tastings. The video below shows all the fun they got up to!

What’s in it for you? 

We understand that as a business your time is precious however the Accumulator challenge can be beneficial for your business as well as the Hospice.

  • You will gain networking opportunities with people and other business.
  • It can build teamwork and moral within your staff.
  • You will gain PR/marketing opportunities from the Hospice and 1 Accounts Online
  • You will make memories for your business and have fun doing so.
1 Accounts New Website

1 Accounts launches new website

1 Accounts opened its doors 5 years ago. As time and technology has moved on, so has 1 Accounts and so to celebrate our 5th birthday we decided to treat ourselves to a new Website! – Whoop!


Over the last 5 years 1 Accounts has grown dramatically. We have moved into a larger office, expanded our client base and gained 5 new staff members. The business has come on leaps and bounds from when Paul & Jenni were running the business from their home. It was clear this growth needed to be reflected in a cool new website.

Click here to see our team


The feedback we have had from our clients over the past year, is that their new online software is giving them their lives back. We are freeing up our clients time so that they can spend more time with their families, increase their handicap or even go on longer holidays. We believe that time is unnecessarily spent doing your accounts when you should be out enjoying life.

Click here to see our clients feedback


Our old website has a heavy focus on Sage One. As our existing clients know we still use Sage, however we have now broadened our horizons and are now Xero Gold Partners. We are looking forward to expanding our expertise so we can offer our clients the best online accounting solution for them.

Click here to see our products


You will notice that our services have changed. We are no longer offering the essential, full and premium service. We felt these names were boring and did not reflect our clients’ needs. We now offer services for a range of Limited Companies according to where they are at in their business journey.  Young Business, Growing Business & Rapid Growth.

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The last 5 years have been a whirlwind and we can’t wait to see where the next 5 takes us!

I have always enjoyed being an early adopter of technology and saw the potential of cloud based accounting from the very beginning. Starting a new company based solely on a cloud based service was a risk but I am delighted to say that it has paid off.

“We have carved a niche as experts in the online accounting arena and have formed solid relationships with the leading providers of online accounting software – Sage and Xero.

“We are using the technology to do things differently to a traditional accountant. No time sheets, fixed fees paid by monthly direct debit and we use the software to automate the compliance. We can then use the time saved to add value to the client’s business.

“This approach works really well, as can be seen by our growth over the last four years. I am confident that, with our talented team and investment in systems and processes, we will continue to go from strength to strength.”