Kayla the audiology expert

Client Spotlight: The Audiology Expert

At 1 Accounts Online, we pride ourselves on our diverse clientele, each bringing a wealth of unique knowledge to our accounting practice. Last month, we were privileged to host one of our esteemed clients, The Audiology Expert, for an insightful talk at our networking event. This event became a platform for us to witness first-hand the impressive expertise and passion of our clients, showing us the importance of audiology in our daily lives. We were proud to be the audiology experts accountants!

An Ear for Knowledge: An Audiology Presentation

The event was truly a masterclass in audiology. We were provided with an in-depth understanding of this fascinating field, bringing to light how this science intersects with various aspects of our lives. For the uninitiated, audiology is the branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. Our client offered us a unique perspective into the intricate workings of the ear and how audiology can contribute to overall health and wellness.

From discussing the latest advancements in hearing aids to sharing riveting case studies, our client’s presentation was a revelation. The talk was not only educational but also engrossing, offering our team a chance to explore the world of audiology beyond the balance sheets and profit & loss accounts.

Bringing Businesses Together: Networking and Learning

kayla the audiology expert

As accountants, we believe in constant learning and growing, understanding the businesses of our clients, and sharing knowledge across various fields. This event was a brilliant example of that belief in action. By having clients like our audiology expert share their knowledge and experience, we foster a more interconnected, educated community.

This event showcased our dedication to our clients and our commitment to understanding their businesses. As digital accountants, we go beyond the traditional realm of number crunching. We value the relationships we build with our clients, ensuring we understand their business and their industry to provide the most effective and tailored financial advice.

1 Accounts Online: Your Accountant of Choice

Our client’s talk emphasised the critical importance of effective, specialised financial management for businesses, including audiology practices. At 1 Accounts Online, we understand that each business is unique, requiring tailored, industry-specific accounting solutions.

For audiology practices, we recognise the need for adept management of medical equipment costs, patient billing complexities, insurance claims, and the financial aspects of running a modern clinic. We are equipped to assist with all these needs, providing comprehensive financial guidance and digital solutions that streamline your accounting processes.

For businesses searching for reliable and tailored accounting services, 1 Accounts Online is your go-to partner. If you’re an audiologist looking for accounting services, or any business in need of expert financial advice, we are eager to learn about your industry, your specific business needs, and how we can help you to navigate your financial landscape.

Share Your Expertise

In closing, we would like to extend an invitation to any of our clients or fellow businesses who would be interested in sharing their expertise at our future networking events. We believe that learning never stops, and we welcome the opportunity to gain insights from various industries.

Should you be interested in doing a talk for us, please get in touch with Jade at jade@1accounts.co.uk. We eagerly look forward to our continued journey of learning, growing, and serving you better.

Thank you again to our wonderful audiology expert, whose enlightening talk added to our shared wealth of knowledge and brought our community closer together.

1 Accounts Team Building Day March 2022

Last week we closed the office for the whole day so that our team could enjoy our first Team Building day since the pandemic started!

We have added several new team members since our last team building day in 2019 including Fran, Katy, Che, Charlie and Harry! This is a huge growth for any firm but especially for one that puts family values at the forefront. This day was incredibly important for us to all bond as a team now that we are back in the office with all our new team members. It was also nice to be able to socialise outside of the office!

Axe throwing with Wild Blades!

Katie organised a wonderful day for us all. We visited Wild Blades, another local Haverhill business, for a day of axe throwing and team building challenges!

Despite the warnings of snow, the weather started out sunny but cold. Handy as the entire day was outdoors. Dan and Toby from Wild Blades gave us a safety breifing (axes are dangerous!) and then taught us the standard one-handed throw.

After a bit of practice, most of the team got this, some even hitting bullseyes early on! Jenni M. had an advantage as she had done it before, and it should be no surprise to anyone that Paul, James, Adrian and Charlie picked it up quickly.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of us who didn’t manage to master the one-handed throw. No matter how hard she tried, Fran couldn’t manage to hit the target with the right end of the axe using this method. Luckily, during a tea break, she practiced with Toby and tried a two-handed throw, and finally managed to hit the bullseye! Seeing this, Jenni D. also decided to try this method and also found it much easier.

Playing Games

Once we could all actually hit the target with the axe, we started playing games! First, we did a couple of quick rounds to see who could score the most. The first round was won by Paul (no surprise there) and the second round was won by Che! Charlie and James maintained a consistent second and third place. There were many other games including naughts and crosses, hit the card, and thump the stump.

Team Building Challenges

After a lovely lunch, we then began the team building activities. We had to work together to complete a series of 9 tasks in order to complete the Viking ship and sail to victory. It came down to the wire, but with us all working together and putting our strongest team members forward towards the end, we managed to complete all the tasks with 19 seconds to spare!

Overall we had a lovely day and feel like a much stronger team because of it, both in team spirit and arm strength! Dan and Toby from Wild Blades planned a fantastic series of events and were wonderful hosts and teachers who joined in with our banter perfectly. We highly recommend them.

A big thanks to Katie for organising the day for us, we can’t wait until the next one!

1 Accounts Team at Team Building Day - Wild Blades Axe Throwing

Wine & Cheese night

1 Accounts Wine & Cheese Night

Wine & Cheese Night

In aid of the St Nicholas Hospice Accumulator Challenge 1 Accounts Online will be holding a Wine & Cheese Tasting evening at Baythorne Hall near Haverhill …. And your all invited. The event will take place on the 9th of August at 7pm.

George from Baythorne Wines will be talking us through his favourite wines from his wine shop. Baythorne Wines was established in the former granary barn at Baythorne Hall in 2014. The shop offers over 400 wines from around the world and George’s knowledge is second to none. We can’t wait to try a selection of the wines. The cheese is from Ben & Ella’s Farm Shop.  These cheeses will pair perfectly with the wine. You will be wanting to come back and create your own wine and cheese night at home!

Jade will be singing at the event to start the night. She will be singing some of her favourite Jazz tunes to get you in the mood for the wine and cheese.

We've been nominated

High hopes for prestigious award

We've been nominated

The team from 1 Accounts Online, is celebrating after being shortlisted for a prestigious national industry award. Managing Director, Paul Donno, has been nominated for the Practice Excellence Pioneer of the Year 2017.

The annual Practice Excellence Awards celebrate excellence in the accounting profession. They aim to highlight the key role that accountants play in supporting UK businesses. This year there have been a record number of entries with over 200 submissions across 10 different categories, up by 16% on last year. There are 4 other accountants shortlisted in the Pioneer of the Year category. Paul will be competing with some of the leading names in the industry to win the coveted title.

Paul comments, “Over the years we have won several notable industry awards including the British Accountancy Awards for New Practice last year. The Practice Excellence Awards are definitely a big deal within our profession and I am really delighted to be shortlisted.”

The Practice Excellence Awards Ceremony takes place on 19th October at The Brewery, an impressive venue in central London. 500 guests will attend the dinner which is being hosted by comedian and satirist Marcus Brigstocke. Paul and his fellow director, Jenni Donno, will be attending the event as guests of Sage UK and are hoping to return to Haverhill with another trophy to add to their growing collection!

Since establishing 1 Accounts the number of employees has increased from 2 to 6. The latest member of the team is ex Castle Manor student James Revell. He will be undertaking an Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Apprenticeship through West Suffolk College. James was put forward for the role by Karen Chapple, ONE Haverhill’s Youth Skills Manager. In December the level of expertise within the company will be further enhanced with the appointment of another Chartered Certified Accountant.

1 Accounts has also recently extended its reach into Cambridge with the opening of 1 Accounts Cambridge Ltd, headed by experienced Cambridge businessman Mark Coplowe.