Our Team

You're only as good as the team behind you.

We have a great team. Great team spirit, hardworking, forward thinking and supportive of each other.

Paul Donno
Jade Donno BA (Hons)
Katie Donno
Client Care Manager
Jenni Donno
Jenni Moore FCCA
Kerry Seeley FMAAT
Payroll Manager
James Revell MAAT
Honey, Jango & Nala
Cuddle co-ordinator & Paw-sonal Assistant
Adrian Tonge FCCA
Accounts Manager
Fran Mackintosh BA (Hons)
Administration Assistant
Josh Burgess
Business Growth Advisor
Harry King
Apprentice Accountant
Katy Meeks MAAT
Client Review Manager
Che Bourke
Zach Fellows
Accounts Assistant
William Jarmin

What sets us apart?

Can you relate to any of this:
“My accountant isn’t proactive”
“My accountant seems to be stuck looking at the past, whereas I want help with the future of my business”
“We are the ones who are telling our accountant about latest developments in cloud technology”
“We want to move away from manual data entry into automating our business”
You wish your accountant had actually been there, done that and got the t-shirt.
As Paul’s lapsing golf handicap will tell you, he’s definitely been there. He knows what its like to lose a business, put your house on the line and almost lose it all in the pursuit of a goal. Over a pint in the 19th hole, he’ll happily tell you his back story.