Kayla the audiology expert

Client Spotlight: The Audiology Expert

At 1 Accounts Online, we pride ourselves on our diverse clientele, each bringing a wealth of unique knowledge to our accounting practice. Last month, we were privileged to host one of our esteemed clients, The Audiology Expert, for an insightful talk at our networking event. This event became a platform for us to witness first-hand the impressive expertise and passion of our clients, showing us the importance of audiology in our daily lives. We were proud to be the audiology experts accountants!

An Ear for Knowledge: An Audiology Presentation

The event was truly a masterclass in audiology. We were provided with an in-depth understanding of this fascinating field, bringing to light how this science intersects with various aspects of our lives. For the uninitiated, audiology is the branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. Our client offered us a unique perspective into the intricate workings of the ear and how audiology can contribute to overall health and wellness.

From discussing the latest advancements in hearing aids to sharing riveting case studies, our client’s presentation was a revelation. The talk was not only educational but also engrossing, offering our team a chance to explore the world of audiology beyond the balance sheets and profit & loss accounts.

Bringing Businesses Together: Networking and Learning

kayla the audiology expert

As accountants, we believe in constant learning and growing, understanding the businesses of our clients, and sharing knowledge across various fields. This event was a brilliant example of that belief in action. By having clients like our audiology expert share their knowledge and experience, we foster a more interconnected, educated community.

This event showcased our dedication to our clients and our commitment to understanding their businesses. As digital accountants, we go beyond the traditional realm of number crunching. We value the relationships we build with our clients, ensuring we understand their business and their industry to provide the most effective and tailored financial advice.

1 Accounts Online: Your Accountant of Choice

Our client’s talk emphasised the critical importance of effective, specialised financial management for businesses, including audiology practices. At 1 Accounts Online, we understand that each business is unique, requiring tailored, industry-specific accounting solutions.

For audiology practices, we recognise the need for adept management of medical equipment costs, patient billing complexities, insurance claims, and the financial aspects of running a modern clinic. We are equipped to assist with all these needs, providing comprehensive financial guidance and digital solutions that streamline your accounting processes.

For businesses searching for reliable and tailored accounting services, 1 Accounts Online is your go-to partner. If you’re an audiologist looking for accounting services, or any business in need of expert financial advice, we are eager to learn about your industry, your specific business needs, and how we can help you to navigate your financial landscape.

Share Your Expertise

In closing, we would like to extend an invitation to any of our clients or fellow businesses who would be interested in sharing their expertise at our future networking events. We believe that learning never stops, and we welcome the opportunity to gain insights from various industries.

Should you be interested in doing a talk for us, please get in touch with Jade at jade@1accounts.co.uk. We eagerly look forward to our continued journey of learning, growing, and serving you better.

Thank you again to our wonderful audiology expert, whose enlightening talk added to our shared wealth of knowledge and brought our community closer together.


The importance of accountability in business coaching

Elevating Your Enterprise with a UK Business Coach: The Role of Accountability in Business Success

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, the key to achieving sustained success lies in recognising and harnessing the importance of accountability in business coaching. With a world that is rapidly evolving, being accountable allows business leaders to adapt, overcome challenges, and continually grow. Whether it’s in Suffolk or any other part of the UK, a business coach with a strong emphasis on accountability can help catalyse your organisation’s journey to success. From setting clear, achievable goals to promoting constant progress and fostering an environment of trust, accountability forms the cornerstone of effective business coaching.

Accountability: A Pillar of Effective Business Coaching

Paving the Way for Measurable Success

As your chosen Suffolk Business Coach, we firmly believe in making your success measurable and tangible. With clear accountability, each milestone and goal set for your business is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). This approach not only facilitates clarity but also fosters a sense of responsibility, driving you to make substantial strides in your business journey.

Ensuring Constant Progress

As UK accountants, we understand the importance of continuous growth for the health of your business. Accountability fosters a culture of progress, helping you stay on track and continually advance towards your goals. It eliminates complacency, fostering a proactive attitude that is essential for business growth.

Creating an Environment of Trust

Trust is the backbone of any successful business relationship. By embodying accountability, we aim to instil a sense of trust and confidence in our clients. Whether it’s through our services as UK accountants or as a Business Coach, our commitment to accountability helps you see the real-time progress and results, fortifying your faith in us and our processes.

Suffolk Accountants: Your UK Business Coach and Accounting Partner

At 1 Accounts Online, we combine the power of strategic business coaching with our expertise in financial management. Our dual role allows us to offer solid financial advice to entrepreneurs, bolstered by our rich background as UK accountants.

We ensure that every piece of financial advice we offer aligns with your overarching business strategy and objectives, helping you make well-informed financial decisions. This fusion of coaching and accounting facilitates more holistic business development, driving you towards your desired financial results.

In essence, the interplay between a business coach and accountability can drastically improve the trajectory of your business. As your trusted UK Business Coach and UK accountants, we at 1 Accounts are committed to fostering a relationship grounded in accountability, propelling your business towards a future of sustained growth and success. Reach out to us today to explore how we can lead you on the path of accountable and strategic growth.

business finances

How Do I Understand My Business Finances?

Unraveling the Mysteries of Business Finances – the Fun Way!

1. When Business Finances Feel Like Hieroglyphics

Ever found yourself staring at a pile of spreadsheets and financial statements, as decipherable as ancient hieroglyphics? You’re not alone. Thinking “how do i understand my business finances?” and actually understanding business finances can feel daunting. But fret not – there’s light at the end of the tunnel, courtesy of your friendly UK accountants at 1 Accounts Online!

2. Light-Hearted Learning with UK Accountants

Here at 1 Accounts Online, we’re all about keeping things light-hearted, even in the typically serious realm of finance. After all, learning becomes so much easier when it’s enjoyable. So, let’s decode the secrets of your business finances together, with a sprinkle of fun.

3. Meet Your Financially Focused UK Business Coach

Our financially focused business coaches aren’t just experts in finance and accounting; they’re also expert communicators. They love transforming complex concepts into simple, enjoyable lessons. Our team believes in breaking down towering financial walls into digestible, bite-sized pieces. With us, phrases like “cash flow” or “profit and loss statement” will be a source of empowerment rather than confusion.

4. The Haverhill Business Coach Approach: How Do I Understand My Business Finances?

So, you’re asking, “how do I understand my business finances?” The answer is simple: start with your Haverhill business coach! Mastering the basics of bookkeeping, interpreting financial statements, or strategic financial planning – our team is dedicated to guiding you through each step with humour and enthusiasm.

5. The Journey of Understanding Your Business Finances

Remember, understanding your business finances is a journey, not a race. And like any good journey, it’s always more enjoyable with a friendly companion by your side. With the guidance of our UK business coach, you’ll not only understand your business finances but also learn how to use them to drive growth and success.

6. Let’s Turn That Financial Frown Upside Down!

Join us at 1 Accounts Online and discover a new, light-hearted approach to understanding your business finances. We guarantee you’ll leave each session a little more financially savvy, with a smile on your face. After all, as your Haverhill business coach, we believe that a day without laughter is a day wasted.

should I become a limited company - thinking

Should I Become a Limited Company?

A common dilemma faced by many budding entrepreneurs and freelancers in the UK is: should I become a limited company? This question arises as a natural step in the growth journey of any small business or self-employed professional. But, deciding to incorporate a limited company is a crucial decision that can have far-reaching implications on various aspects of your business. Let’s break this down to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Limited Companies

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand what becoming a limited company entails. It is a type of business structure where the company is an entity separate from its owners. This means that the company has its own legal identity, distinct from its directors (the people who manage the company) and shareholders (the people who own the company).

In the UK, limited companies can be categorised into private limited companies (Ltd), which cannot offer shares to the public, and public limited companies (plc), which can. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on private limited companies, as these are the most common choice for small businesses and freelancers.

Benefits of Becoming a Limited Company

Limited Liability

The primary advantage of incorporating a limited company is limited liability. In essence, if the company runs into financial trouble, the personal assets of the directors and shareholders are not at risk. The financial liability of the owners is limited to their investment in the company, providing a safety net against unforeseen business issues.

Tax Efficiency

Limited companies often enjoy more favourable tax rates than sole traders or partnerships in the UK. As a director, you can choose to take a combination of salary and dividends, the latter of which is taxed at a lower rate than income tax (dependent on company profits).

Credibility and Perception

Becoming a limited company can boost your business’s credibility. The perception of being a larger, more established entity can be beneficial in negotiating contracts and attracting clients or investors.

Considerations Before Incorporating

While the benefits are enticing, there are some important considerations to bear in mind before deciding, “Yes, I should become a limited company.”

Administrative Responsibilities

Limited companies face more stringent reporting requirements, including submitting annual accounts and reports to Companies House. This can increase your administrative burden and necessitate hiring an accountant.


As a limited company, your business’s details, including director names and registered office addresses, become public record. Some business owners may not feel comfortable with this level of exposure.

Difficulty in Withdrawing Money

Unlike sole traders who can withdraw cash from their business without any tax implications, withdrawing money from a limited company is not as straightforward and can be subject to taxes.

Making the Decision

Ultimately, the decision to become a limited company is a personal one that hinges on your business’s specific circumstances. It’s essential to balance the potential benefits against the administrative, financial, and legal implications that come with incorporating.

Take into account factors such as the nature of your business, financial prospects, and tolerance for risk and administrative work. You should also consult with an accountant or business consultant to make sure you understand all the implications.

Should I become a limited company? It’s a question that deserves careful consideration. Done right, it could be the launchpad that takes your business to the next level. But, it’s vital to ensure you’re making the right move for the right reasons. So, take your time, do your research, and make the choice that best suits your business aspirations.

business success meeting

Your Pathway Business Success in the UK

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, achieving business success is a path fraught with many challenges. The journey to becoming a top-tier enterprise in Haverhill or any other part of the UK is more than just having a great idea—it requires a blend of strategic thinking, operational effectiveness, financial guidance, and above all, professional business coaching. At 1Accounts Online, we offer comprehensive business success services, unrivalled by any other UK business coaches.

A stalwart in the industry, our team of experienced business coaches in Haverhill and beyond have a proven track record in guiding businesses towards their envisioned success. We possess an understanding of the intricacies and unique hurdles of conducting business in today’s fluctuating markets. And through this understanding, we provide customised business help designed to fit your specific needs and goals.

Expert Business Coaches Haverhill

At 1 Accounts Online, our team of UK business coaches is committed to helping you unlock your potential. We see beyond the numbers and dive into the operational essence of your business. Our business coaches in Haverhill employ a hands-on approach, working closely with you to enhance your management skills, streamline your business operations, understand your financials and refine your strategic decision-making process.

Tailored Business Help for Success

Every business is unique, and so are its challenges and needs. We at 1 Accounts Online appreciate this fact and are dedicated to providing bespoke business help. We conduct a comprehensive review of your business operations, identify areas of improvement, and formulate strategies that cater to your specific objectives. Our goal is to empower you to overcome obstacles and steer your business to new heights of success.

Comprehensive Financial Guidance

Financial management is a cornerstone of any successful business. Without the right financial guidance, it becomes nearly impossible to make informed decisions. 1Accounts Online understands this vital need and provides comprehensive financial guidance. Whether it’s about managing cash flow, optimising capital expenditure, or understanding financial reports, our team is always at your side, ready to help.

The Business Success Service You Need

In conclusion, the key to business success lies not only in having a good product or service but in understanding how every facet of your business works together. With our extensive range of business success services, coupled with our team of experienced UK business coaches, we at 1Accounts Online stand ready to offer the business help you need.

Whether you’re just starting or are an established business in need of financial guidance or strategic coaching, consider 1Accounts Online. We’re not just business coaches in Haverhill—we’re your partners in prosperity.

tax advisor josh and director jade

Welcoming Our New Tax Advisor: Meet Josh!

At 1 Accounts Online Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a family business that delivers first-rate financial services. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of a new family member to our team. Meet Josh, our new Tax Advisor in Haverhill!

A Dynamic Professional and R&D Tax Credits Expert

Josh brings a fresh energy to our operations and carries a wealth of experience. Particularly in the niche area of Research and Development (R&D) tax credits. With a proven track record in R&D tax credits in Haverhill and beyond, Josh’s expertise will provide immense value to our clients. He is poised to help our clients navigate these complex incentives and save on their tax liabilities.

More Than Just a Tax Advisor

In addition to offering expert tax advice, Josh will also play a crucial role in helping with our bookkeeping service and business reviews. His comprehensive understanding of business growth strategies and taxation will enable him to identify and implement the best practices for our clients.

Josh’s strong analytical skills, coupled with his strategic mindset, make him an invaluable asset for any business looking to grow and save on taxes.

A Warm Addition to the Family Business

Picture of the Donno family and tax advisor josh

On a more personal note, we’re particularly excited about Josh joining our family business as he is Jade’s fiancé. Their combined passion and dedication to providing top-tier financial services will undoubtedly strengthen our offerings to our clients.

Meet Josh: Cricket Fan, World Traveler, and Dog Dad

Away from the tax world, Josh enjoys staying active by playing cricket. He also loves to travel and explore new places, capturing beautiful moments through his lens. His sense of adventure is not just limited to exploring the globe; he enjoys a lively adventure with his dog, Jango, who is a beloved part of the family.

tax advisor Josh playing cricket

Ready to Welcome Josh?

As we warmly welcome Josh to the 1 Accounts Online family, we’re confident that his skills and expertise as a Tax Advisor in Haverhill will significantly benefit our clients. We look forward to the new perspectives and insights Josh will bring to our team, enhancing the services we offer and contributing to the growth and success of your business.

For any queries related to R&D tax credits in Haverhill. Or to find out how we can support your business growth, feel free to reach out to us. Remember, at 1 Accounts Online, your business is our family. Here’s to new beginnings and many successes ahead!

Our Journey to Becoming Xero Platinum Partners

Celebrating Our Journey to Becoming Xero Platinum Partners: How Your Trusted Business Advisors & Accountants in Haverhill Made it to the Top

We’re incredibly excited to announce a milestone moment for our team here at 1 Accounts Online. After years of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, we have officially become Xero Platinum Partners. This achievement places us among an elite group of UK accountants recognised for their expertise and service quality.

This journey began with a vision to be more than just accountants in Haverhill. We wanted to become trusted business advisors and coaches, helping businesses transform their financial management and achieve their objectives. Xero, with its innovative approach to online accounting, aligned perfectly with this vision, and we embraced its platform to provide a seamless, intuitive accounting experience to our clients.

Becoming a Xero Platinum Partner represents a commitment to efficiency, modernity, and exceptional client service. As UK accountants, we’re proud to be part of an community of accountants that Xero recognises for their dedication to clients.

At 1 Accounts Online, we’re not just accountants in Haverhill; we’re also renowned business advisors and coaches. We understand the challenges of running a business. That’s why our role as business coaches in Haverhill extends beyond numbers. We strive to provide strategies that help businesses thrive, with an emphasis on financial health, growth and sustainability.

This new status as a Xero Platinum Partner confirms our ability to provide superior service to businesses in Haverhill and beyond. It’s a validation of our skills and a testament to the relationships we’ve built with our clients, who trust us to guide their financial journey.

However, this achievement isn’t just about us; it’s about you – our clients. Your faith and trust in our services as your preferred UK accountants and business advisors have made this journey possible. We thank you for your unwavering support and promise to continue delivering excellence, innovation, and professional guidance.

So, whether you need expert accountants in Haverhill or dedicated business coaches in Haverhill, remember that at 1 Accounts Online, we’re committed to helping you build your dreams. This journey from zero to Xero Platinum Partner has been an exciting one. We look forward to continuing to strive for excellence together.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights from your trusted business advisors at 1 Accounts Online.

jade and paul in a meeting

Are You in the Crosshairs of the Associated Company Tax Rates?

We’re back with another blog post and this time we’re diving into a topic that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – taxes. But don’t worry, we’re here to make it as enjoyable and straightforward as possible. Strap in and let’s demystify the new corporation tax rules together.

What are the changes?

As of April 1st, 2023 (and no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s prank), there have been some significant changes in the corporation tax laws. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Companies with profits that are playing a bit of hide and seek and total less than £50k will continue to be taxed at the friendly rate of 19%.
  2. Those with profits feeling a bit more confident, between £50k and £250k, will be greeted by a still reasonable tax rate of 26.5%.
  3. And for those brave souls whose profits exceed £250k, they’re looking at a flat rate of 25%.

Now, you might be wondering about this £50k threshold we mentioned. It’s not as roomy as it first appears. Much like sharing a dessert, this threshold needs to be split between your company and any other associated companies. The effect? Well, your slice of the pie could be smaller than you initially thought.

Fear not, your trusted accounting partners, should be on the case and we’re here to guide you through this labyrinth. Your accountant will need to know about any other companies you’re involved with, either as a shareholder or director. The same goes for any companies your family members are involved with. This isn’t us accountants just being nosy, promise! It’s all to ascertain whether the associated company rules apply to you and potentially other connected businesses.

We understand that these changes may feel a bit like navigating uncharted waters. If this is going to cause any tax-related stress, rest assured that we’re prepared to assist. We can work with you to plan the most tax-efficient course.

So, let’s sail through these tax changes together. As always, we are committed to lightening the load of tax law changes and making the journey as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates and remember to keep those smiles on. After all, nothing is as certain as change… and taxes!