What exactly is a registered office?

A registered office is the address which your Limited Company is registered to. This is a legal requirement for all companies that are incorporated in the UK and you cannot form a company without one.

This address will be placed on the public record and will also serve as the legal postal address for letters from Companies House, HMRC, and all other government departments and agencies. It must be a physical postal address that is in the same UK jurisdiction in which your company is registered.

What is a correspondence address?

All directors and persons of significant control for your company will also have to provide a correspondence or service address. This serves a similar purpose to your company’s registered office in that it will be where HMRC, Companies house, and other government agencies send important post, and will be displayed on the public register. We usually recommend keeping the correspondence address the same as the registered office address, however it can be different it you wish.

Can I use my home address?

You can use your home address as your registered office, however if you rent your home you may need permission from your landlord. You should be aware that by doing this your personal address will appear alongside your company on the public register, so we do not recommend this for privacy reasons.

We believe that your company will also look more professional if you are not using your home address as your registered office.

Where else can I use for my registered office?

You are able to use anywhere as your registered office providing you have permission from the property owner. Here are a few ideas of spaces you could use:

  • Your own office space
  • An external company that provides this service.
  • Your home (although we wouldn’t recommend)

If you are a client of ours, you are able to use our office address. This is included in all of our limited company services.

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