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Keeping up with the Employees!

Keeping up with the Employees

Unlike the Kardashians it can be extremely hard to keep up with your employees hours, especially if your business is not office based. Here is our simple solution on how we can help you ‘keep up with the employees’.

The Problem: 

Many employees are paid by the hour and quite often employers have not invested in a clocking in system. This means employees are responsible for keeping their own paper timesheets. These are then given the the team member in charge of payroll to be inputted into the system. There are a number of things that could go wrong with this way of working:

  • The employee doesn’t meet the deadline
  • The hours are inputted incorrectly onto the system
  • The handwritten hours are hard to read and so takes extra time to decipher
  • The employee is away from the office and unable to bring in their payslip before the deadline.

All these things can create unnecessary nightmares for business. But it’s okay, we have a solution.

The Solution: 

These days most people own a smart phone. With Xero Payroll our clients have access to the Xero Me app.  With this app employees can fill out their timesheets on the go. This is then fired off to the office for approval. Once approved the hours are automatically put in the payroll ready for the next pay run. Employees can also view all their payslips and download them. It is a great tool and if you already have Xero Payroll, this app is free to use.

No errors, no delays and always on time!