Automate, Automate, Automate

The 21st century brings a new kind of technology that has not been around for past businesses. Online tools can help make business more streamlined, efficient and productive. 1 Accounts strive to adapt these new technologies to not only help our business but to help our clients too. With this blog I will talk you through how we have automated our processes to allow us extra time to help our clients.


When we receive a new enquiry we start our process on Karbon. Karbon is a work flow program that helps our team work together and not miss any important deadlines. We assign an on boarding template to the enquiry. This includes pre-written emails that can be sent with just a click of a button. We have also used Jot Form to create secure forms for our clients to fill out with all the information we need. The links to these forms are included in our pre-written email. This leaves out any need for unnecessary work.

Practice Ignition

Once a prospect decides they would like to sign up with 1 Accounts, we then create a proposal in Practice Ignition. We love this piece of software. Our proposals are already set up, we just fill in any specific details and send to the client. Once signed Practice ignition automatically sets up the direct debit for our client.

Go Cardless

All our clients are on a monthly fee which is taken via direct debit in Go Cardless. This is set up through Practice Ignition and takes the monthly fee. Go Cardless means that we are no longer chasing payments and our ‘getting paid’ process is completely automated. Go Cardless will then generate an invoice into Xero automatically.


Once the direct debit has been taken Go Cardless prompts Xero to create an invoice to be emailed to the client. Our whole process is automated, eliminating the need for manual work.

We are working on ways to automate even more of our processes. Information requests for year end accounts and tax returns are now becoming automated so that we can receive information earlier to enable us to complete the work quicker. We are always looking for new ways to help automate our clients business’s. If you need help with this please contact and she will be sure to help.

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