Sole Trader

Sole Trader Accountancy
Online accounts service for the sole trader, sole proprietor and cash based business.

Accounts Services for Sole Traders

You have decided to run your own business and have set up on your own but are not sure what to do with HMRC and how you should keep your records. 

If this is you our Sole Trader service is the perfect solution – starting at £37.50+vat per month.

Sole Trader

£ 37
+VAT /month
  • Annual Income and Expenditure Accounts
  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Tax review
  • Advice on becoming a Limited Company

Sole Trader Service

Recommended Software: Xero Starter package – £22+VAT per month

Our essential service for Sole Traders keeps you fully compliant for an affordable fixed monthly fee. We will prepare your Annual Income and Expenditure Account; take care of your Self Assessment Tax Return and will be there to provide advice in the form of unlimited e-mail support.

From our experience most of our Sole Trade clients convert to a Limited Company, especially when they start employing people, become VAT registered or want to save tax.

  • Jargon free support from experienced and friendly accountants, a "human service" - guaranteed
  • No more surprises because you know what is happening in your business in real time
  • No more awkward conversations where you feel like a fool trying to explain a problem - we can see and access your information remotely
  • Confidence that your information is safe and secure in 'the cloud'
  • Our genuine commitment to wanting to see your business grow and thrive

Thinking of becoming a limited company? 

There’s lots of benefits to becoming a limited company. It’s a great marketing tool, makes you look ‘grown up’ and a bit more “professional”. Then of course there are the tax benefits and limited liability. Along with the benefits does come a little extra responsibility in terms of your accounts but it doesn’t have to be onerous. Our Limited Company Accountancy Service will ensure that you fulfil your statutory responsibilities in a timely, compliant and stress free way. Check out our services for limited companies or email [email protected] to find out more.