12 Ways to Cope When Life Suddenly Changes

“We can’t control every aspect of our lives and we can’t stop change from happening. But how we respond to change will greatly affect our overall life experience.” This statement can’t be any more relevant than now due to the Coronavirus.

From a few dozen cases to a full-blown pandemic, the virus has had a massive global impact where millions of people have been affected in some way. Many have lost loved ones, many have lost their jobs, many are confined to their homes, and many more are suffering every day from feelings of anxiety, stress, helplessness, panic, and fear. To help you make it through this difficult time, here are 12 ways to cope with this sudden change to your life.


Don’t resist the change, try to accept it 

Resistance causes suffering so stop fighting and start accepting. Be present in each moment and focus on the things you can control.


Recognise, redirect and reframe 

Recognise that your brain automatically assumes the worst, redirect this uncertainty, and reframe your perspective to a more positive outlook.

Make a plan and be proactive.   

Taking control of what you can will ease anxiety, so make a plan and set yourself some goals during this time. They can be both personal and business.

Stick to your regular schedule as much as possible 

The best way to deal with change is to try and maintain the normal where you can. Keep to your routine no matter how small and you’ll feel less helpless for it.

Exercise often and eat healthily 

Exercise releases those all-important endorphins and the right food fuels us properly, both of which are essential to boost mood and promote better sleep.

Practice and prioritise self-care.

Add meditation, yoga, daily journaling or mindfulness to your daily routine.

Seek support but keep it positive.

Call or skype your friends and family as much as you can. Turn any venting into action so that it isn’t detrimental to your health.

Delegate or outsource if you need to.

Delegate tasks to your team or outsource jobs that are low-value.


Focus on gratitude.

Write down three things that you are grateful for every morning to start off positively and with a better perspective.

Work through any grief and loss.

Grief and loss can often be found at the heart of major life changes, make sure to work through all the stages to be able to let these feelings go.


Limit social media and the news.

Try to schedule in a certain amount of time each day to look at social media and the news and that’s it.


Give yourself a break. 

Don’t push yourself too much or set high expectations during this time. Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re feeling a certain way, accept it and give yourself a break when you need one.

We can’t control change but we can cope with it

It can be hard to accept that things have changed and are changing, especially since we are unsure of the future, but we can control how we cope with it. If you implement these 12 ways above into your daily life over the next few weeks, you will be able to maintain your mental health and come out the other end ready to grab the opportunities that the future will hold.

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