We get by with a little help from our friends.

This classic Beatles song has never rung more true. Right now we all need a little help from our friends. In the current circumstances it is time to work together and pull on whatever resources you can. We are always humbled by the help and support from our clients even when times are tough. We have been trying to help business owners from Sole Traders to Limited Companies during this current crisis. To get the message out Paul has been using his home video set up which was working OK – he thought.

Since the success of our evening group zoom calls, Paul was keen to start developing some You Tube Videos to help clients. During one of our Zoom sessions Edd from We Make Pictures kindly offered his help to set Paul up properly. On Sunday morning inspiration hit and so Paul contacted Edd for some help. Paul wanted to make a video for Sole Traders. In a short period of time Paul learnt a lot about lighting, sound and picture composition, which takes a lot for a humble accountant!

Paul had some basic equipment around him. He used his Canon 80D camera for the video, a USB Blue Snowball Ice microphone and a photography light. Edd spent time with Paul over Zoom advising on how to light the scene and record good quality audio with the equipment available.  Edd then helped to sync all the elements together

Paul's set up

Before Edd’s help 


After Edd’s Help 


Before picture of Paul

This is Paul’s first Vlog and he hopes to record some more next week wearing a branded polo-shirt from Kiiwii clothing. Edd’s input was huge and made a significant difference to the output of Paul’s Video. Paul found it very interesting speaking to Edd as he has a huge amount of Knowledge and passion for his industry.

If you would like Edd’s help to create a video, he is offering all of our clients a free consultation to help you get set up! – How nice is that! His email address is INFO@WEMAKEPICTURES.CO.UK

At this time we all need to support each other and if someone offers you help – TAKE IT! When we come through this, we are certain that those of us that have tried our very best to help will come out stronger.


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