Paul and Jenni had a board meeting yesterday revolving around the cycle to work scheme and Boris Johnsons announcement regarding the new grants for Electric bikes.   Now when we say ‘board meeting’ it was actually a discussion over their ‘Avo’ on toast. The vote was a very formal “that sounds like a good idea” and the minutes were as follows:

1 Accounts Online Ltd

Meeting of the board of Directors

Kitchen of the Directors in Haverhill Suffolk – 7:45am


Paul Donno

Jenni Donno – Chairperson and PSC


Paul Donno – for not getting the toast quite right!

Minutes of last meeting

JD required an amendment to the last meetings minutes in so far as she didn’t say that PD could have more time off to play golf.  It was agreed that PD could play golf three times a month and not a week as per the minutes.  JD also said that she would write the minutes in future.

It was resolved

PD having read the Times’ article that Boris Johnson is going to give a grant for an electric bike, PD suggested that it would be a good idea to look at the Cycle to work scheme. He then suggested for JD to get an electric bike so that the board of 1 Accounts could stay fit and work out together.  PD advised that then they could cycle to their local café for tea and cake for their next board meeting and claim subsistence.

JD felt that this was a good idea and asked PD to look into the scheme and find her a bike suitable to get to the café.


PD thought that as JD is only fulfilling her statutory duties as part of the Furlough rules, tea making is not illegal and should be actively encouraged.  After much debate PD agreed to make his own tea.

There being no other business the meeting was closed

Jenni Donno


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