Keith is known within the promotional clothing industry for his accuracy and creativity in transforming a logo from artwork into a digital file that can be used by an embroidery machine. Using in-house design facilities for embroidery and print they cover every stage of the process, maximising the use of Keith’s knowledge and skills.
KiiWii can personalise all manner of items with embroidery, from workwear, safteywear, sportswear to coasters or even name badges. Promotional items, such as mugs, pens, scratchpads, clocks and even recycled ice scrapers, can be supplied. Take advantage of their online ordering system with a range of products with no minimum order quantity. They also work with a number of local schools to supply school uniforms.
Located just outside Haverhill in Steeple Bumpstead, KiiWii Clothing and Promotion make good use of technology to ensure a quick, reliable and top quality service to a nationwide customer base.

The Challenge

Most small business owners find it difficult to fit everything that needs to be done into the day. This was certainly the case for Keith and Amanda. Despite utilising technology to streamline workflows and processes decorating garments is a very labour intensive task. Anything that can save time within the business is welcomed.
Amanda had used Sage 50 for many years. Whilst she acknowledged that a cloud based accounting product, which allowed remote working, would offer more flexibility, she was nervous to change. Although Amanda hates change (and making a cup of tea) when she discovered from Paul that Xero was just £22 per month, making it far cheaper than the old technology of Sage 50 she decided to bite the bullet.

How 1 Accounts Helped

1 Accounts installed Xero and then cleaned up the Sage 50 data by exporting the customers and suppliers into a CSV file and cleansing the data before reimporting into Xero.
Direct bank feeds were set up via Xero to the KiiWii bank account. Amanda was invited to the training rooms at 1 Accounts for a session on how to use the bank feeds. Needless to say Amanda was delighted when she learnt that she would no longer have to prepare bank reconciliations.
Receipt Bank, an app which allows receipts to be photographed using a smart phone and automatically posted to Xero, was recommended. 1 Accounts worked with Keith and Amanda to auto post a lot of their receipts.
The next step is to look at integrating the KiiWii website online booking and payment system into Xero. This will be done in collaboration with KiiWii’s supplier. 1 Accounts hope to have a working solution in place in the next two months.

The Outcome

By moving to a cloud based accounting software and using Receipt Bank Amanda and Keith are saving time and money. Having the flexibility to access their accounts wherever they are allows the couple greater flexibility to manage their work life balance. The plans for further integration of the accounts with the online booking and payment system will streamline the operation even further and bring even greater efficiencies.

"The 1 Accounts team are superb and we have found the transition to Xero a breath of fresh air. We even took our girls out to Thorpe Park last weekend because I didn’t have to slave away over the finances. The support from all of the 1 Accounts team is excellent. They really do not mind answering what must appear, to them, the strangest of questions!"
Amanda Williams
KiiWii Clothing and Promotions Ltd