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"Not your typical accountants..."

Our Story

I was going to begin our short profile with "We're not your typical accountants" until I did a quick Google search on that phrase. With nearly 2 million results returned there are an awful lot of untypical accountants out there!

So what makes us different?

When I started out as a trainee management accountant in 1985 the first mobile phones were being used in the UK with handsets that weighed around the same as a bag of sugar and the World Wide Web was still on the drawing board. It was a far cry from the digital, online, on demand world that we live in now.

The curiosity to understand the relationship between the "numbers" and success and the desire to help businesses grow and prosper began way back then. It wasn't too long before the attraction of being "the boss" and master of my own destiny led to starting my own accountancy practice.

Since 1993 thousands of clients have benefited from my expertise and commitment, from sole traders working from home to multinational limited companies.

A few accolades have been collected along the way too - in 2013 I was highly commended in the British Accountancy Awards and acknowledged as the UK's number 1 Sage One Online Accountant, by Sage UK. In 2014 we were also Highly Commended for Online accounting at the British Accountancy Awards.

A Sage Accredited Accounting Partner I have worked closely with Sage UK for over two decades and in 2013 was invited to speak to hundreds of accountants in Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid and the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW) about Sage One and cloud accounting.

We are also Sage One Gold Partners the highest certification by Sage and in 2015 I was invited to talk at the prestigous Sage Summit in New Orleans.


We are also becoming Xero Certified Accountants to add to our online expertise.

The future is in the cloud

Some may say the "the cloud" is the latest whim, just a phase, as mobiles were in 1985. My belief is that online accounting is here to stay. The time and money saving benefits to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies are too significant to be dismissed as a craze. Online accounting is the future.

Working with Sage, one of the market leaders in accountancy and payroll software in the UK, 1 Accounts Online will combine a reliable, honest service with the latest cloud technology - to save you time, money and hassle. Our aim is definitely not to be your typical online accountant!

Our commitment to you

  • We don't have time sheets so you don't have to be afraid to get in touch
  • Fixed monthly fees means no nasty unexpected bills at the end of the year, you know where you stand
  • No trying to bamboozle you with jargon and "accountants speak"
  • You won't find any dour, stuffy, superior accountants here, just honest, friendly service
  • Say goodbye to the once a year communication, being online makes it even easier to stay in touch

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Paul Donno

Paul Donno - 1 Accounts Ltd


A very good company to deal with!
They handle everything for me from management of Sage software to Tax returns and VAT; invaluable for someone like me - the 'small business' owner!
Prompt turnaround of my invoicing and processing of finance, good communications and they are always there when I need them.



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