It’s looking like remote working will be the ‘new normal’ as we ease our way out of lockdown. While this is the best decision for the safety of employees, it’s not great for business.

To make it through the current crisis in the best position possible, you need to add “helping your employees create a new working routine” to your business strategy. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Help them create a new daily routine

In such an uncertain time, we all need structure in our day-to-day lives. Having a routine not only gives us a sense of control and purpose, but it also reduces stress and increases our productivity too.

To help your employees work from home, here are 4 steps that you can introduce to them:

  • Step 1 – Write down what you NEED to do each day
  • Step 2 – Discuss your routine with your spouse or family
  • Step 3 – Keep to your routine and adjust to what works best 
  • Step 4 – Focus on being consistent but be prepared for change

2. Communicate often and check in regularly 

After you’ve given your employees the tools for creating an ideal work routine, you then need to provide them with support to help them work as productively as possible.

Everyone will need different levels of support during this time, so here are a few ways you can engage with them and check-in to see how they are coping:

  • Use instant messaging apps and video-conferencing software for quick communication.
  • Maintain a regular meeting schedule to give them an extra layer of structure to their day.
  • Find new ways to collaborate, maybe on more of a personal level (e.g. a book club or an exercise class).
  • Be responsive to your employees and pick up the phone now and then to check-in with them.

Make remote working as productive as working in the office! 

By helping your team with their daily routine, you’re investing time in them and therefore the future of your practice. This is essential to make it through this difficult time so give your employees the tools and the support to work as productively as they do in the office.

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