May disappeared before our eyes, with tax returns, accounts and quarterly reviews in full swing. The sunshine has been fleeting but our smiles have stayed all month long. Here is what we got up to this month:

Clever Grace

Grace got a whopping 86% on her exam on Management accounting and budgeting. She is studying hard for her level 4 AAT and will be fully qualified in no time. Her next exam is on Management accounting: Decision and control.

Outsourcing our IT

When there is a problem with IT it can be detrimental, especially to 1 Accounts as we need our computers in order to do our work. It can take hours for us to figure out how to fix a problem and so when starting 1 Accounts Paul decided to outsource our IT and take the hassle away. We have just changed providers to Platform 365. We can’t wait for them to start!

Jade Singing

Jade had her busiest month ever with her singing. She sung love songs, jazz songs, pop songs & rock & roll songs. She also had her first gig in her duo The Blue Jays at Nine Jars. Be sure to keep an eye on her Facebook Page for more events!

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