April Update

With the start of a new tax year, lots of bank holidays and new starters 1 Accounts have well and truly stepped into spring!

Start of the Tax Year

The 6th of April marked the beginning of the next tax year. With this brought some changes to personal allowance, minimum wage, student loans and auto-enrolment. To find out more about these changes please read our blog ‘Happy New Year’.


Automation, Automation, Automation

This year we have introduced client checklists. All our clients will notice that they have received a checklist from Jade to complete their self assessment tax return. These are sent automatically via Karbon so that we can spend more time helping our clients. We will also be automating emails on company year ends to request accounts information in order for us to get accounts completed as soon as we can. We love this new level of automation as we can provide a higher level of service.

A proper family business

We now have all the Donno’s onboard! Katie has now joined us to help us with our sales. Anyone who knows Katie will know that she can sell ice to eskimos and will look great doing it! We now have Paul, Jenni, Jade and Katie (the whole family) working for 1 Accounts. Paul won’t know what’s hit him!

Happy Birthday James

James turned 20! We all went out for a lunch at Nine Jars to celebrate his birthday. We also decorated the office especially! No birthday gets missed here at 1 Accounts!!

Paul went to prison

After Jade went to the prison last month, Paul decided he wanted to go. Unfortunately they let him out too. Paul spoke to the offenders about starting & running their own business. He was given lots of questions that he was happy to answer. He also gave them all a copy of his book, which they asked him to sign. We are not sure Paul’s head fit out of the prison doors on the way out!


If a client refers us we always send a gift to say thank you! We asked one of our clients for their home address to send our special thank you gift. They asked for us to donate to charity instead, which is an amazing gesture. We donated to Little People UK as it is a charity close to the company’s heart.  We love how amazing our clients are!!

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