1 Accounts March Update

We have stepped into spring with March, the clocks have changed meaning lighter evenings leaving the office very cheery.Here are just a few of the things we got up to in March.

Jade Went To Prision…

… but unfortunately they let her out!

Jade went to Highpoint Prision to see how rehabilitation is helping the ex-offenders. She was taken on a tour of the prison and then networked with the ex-offenders. Here at 1 Accounts we support Highpoints mission to help educate the ex-offenders so they can leave the prison and not re-offend. Jade learnt that many of the ex-offenders would like to leave and start their own business as employment is hard to find with a criminal record. Paul is due to speak at Highpoint in April to discuss how to become self-employed.

Katie turned 20

This month was Katie’s birthday! Although she works for Fiscale Ltd and not 1 Accounts Online due to accessibility she works from our offices and is part of the team. She was very grateful for all the birthday messages she received from clients! For her birthday she went to Prezzo and got loads of make-up, making her a very happy girl!

Great review

1 Accounts Cambridge got a great review from personal fitness trainer Joe Mitton:

” HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!! I have known Mark for years and he has been nothing short of incredible in helping with my taxes, end of year accounts and a whole host of other issues. Accountancy isn’t my area at all yet Mark made it a seamless processes for me enabling me to get on top of and stay on top of my accounts.He always goes above and beyond and I recommend him to everyone!!!! Can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me!”

James went to Paris

James went away to the city of love with his girlfriend. He came back with stories of climbing up the Eiffel Tower, eating French food and river cruises. He had such a great time he brought the office back tasty treats and keyrings!

Good Job Kerry

Our star bookkeeper is also the queen of payroll. She spent March preparing us for the payroll year ends. If anyone completing their own payroll is struggling please let Kerry know and she will be happy to help – Kerry@1accounts.co.uk

Lloyds Cyber Fraud

Jade went to the Jocky Club in Newmarket to hear Lloyds Bank speak about cyber fraud and how it is affecting business. She learnt the following tips:

  • If you get an email stating that bank details have changed always ring the person to find out if it is correct, also check the numbers over the phone! This is the same for internal emails as these can also be intercepted.
  • Use a £ sign in your password as many international keyboards do not include this symbol
  • Never give your bank log in details over the phone! No bank would ever need these details, no matter how convincing they sound.
  • Never click a link on an email from an unknown source (even the unsubscribe button)
  • Fraudsters are clever, it is easy to be fooled so be extra vigilant.

They also showed us this video about how easy it is for people to find out your passwords, make sure your password isn’t too obvious:


Accumulator Challange

In March we announced that we are sponsoring this years Accumulator Challenge. The challenge involves receiving a £50 note and having to make as much profit from it as possible. All of this is in aid of St Nicholas Hospice. For more information on how to sign up please email jade@1accounts.co.uk

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