Business Bounce Back Loans

Business bounce back loan - boy on trampoline

Business Bounce Back Loans – what are they and should you apply for one? Since the scheme launched in May 2020 (just 3 months ago), more than 860,000 bounce back loans have been issued. This means that thousands of small businesses who are struggling due to the coronavirus have applied for and received financial help; … Read more

How to deal with nit-picking clients who are asking for a discount

How to deal with nit-picking clients

Are you finding that some of your clients, some who have previously been good clients, have suddenly become quite fussy? Maybe they have been getting obsessed with the tiniest of mistakes when previously they would have just breezed over it, or maybe they are finding new issues that have never come up before. Whatever problems … Read more

Businesses Need To Reinstate VAT Direct Debits

The deferral of VAT payments due to coronavirus comes to an end on 30 June and businesses need to take action to reinstate their direct debit mandates. The Institute of Chartered accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Tax Faculty has reminded its members. The VAT payment deferral means that all UK VAT-registered businesses have the … Read more

Supervising trainees remotely

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With the changes in working practices COVID-19 has caused and the likelihood that many people will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, it is also worth considering how this impacts on the trainee experience and their supervision.  To help with this, we have compiled some tips and ideas on how you can effectively supervise … Read more

8 Key Principles to lead your team and enhance performance

Team of hands

Whether leading in person or virtually, there are 8 principles that you can adopt to improve team performance. Many organisations are adjusting to remote or virtual working and the majority of managers have no training in how to manage staff that aren’t physically in the same office, which impacts on team performance. We’ve produced separate … Read more

C19 Business News Update

Business news update

What’s Going On Now? As time goes on it is getting harder and harder to keep track of all the Government changes. We have put together this blog to summarise the latest changes.  STAYING ALERT AND SAFE (SOCIAL DISTANCING) Everyone’s actions have helped to reduce the transmission of coronavirus in our communities. Fatalities and infection … Read more

How to stay positive for your family and your team

Today is going to be a good day coffee cup

How to stay positive for your family and your team (even if you are scared and worried too) Do you run a business where you’re responsible for your employees’ wellbeing? Do you manage a team at work? Do you have children or vulnerable family members who depend on you? Whether you said to yes to … Read more