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Supporting Local Independent Businesses

Supporting Local Independent Businesses

1 Accounts Haverhill is based on the top of the high street in Haverhill providing a service to both local and non-local businesses. Where we can we will support Haverhill businesses and we encourage our client to do the same.

The Economy

Not many people realise that shopping locally is great for the local economy. Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop results in up to £50 going into the local economy. This is due to local business owners putting the money back into the economy by them shopping, using and spending time and money in other local businesses. 1 Accounts use local Haverhill Bistro Nine Jars to host their company meals therefore putting money back into the Haverhill high street.

More Job Opportunities

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally. Local employers are more likely to pay a higher than average wage than their commercial chain counterparts. Helping to grow the number of jobs in your area creates a healthy economy for the community. 1 Accounts Haverhill currently employ six members of staff. Four of the employees are Haverhill based and walk to work.


The best thing about using local businesses is that they are run by people; not by boards, stockholders or computers. This often mean a much better customer experience. For example; 1 Accounts Haverhill use Kiiwii Clothing and Promotions for anything that needs branding. When ordering their branded notebooks they could pop into their offices on the outskirts of Haverhill and discuss exactly what they wanted with Keith & Amanda. Ordering online, you do not get this level of service or have the trust that you will get exactly what you want.


Small businesses can make changes and be innovative without having to jump through hoops. 1 Accounts were at the forefront of online accounting and now other accountancy firms are following suit. Haverhill has a wealth of small business that are leading the way for innovation.

In short, why would you not use a local business? 1 Accounts Haverhill & Cambridge will continue to use local businesses to enhance their local economy.