Working From Home where POSSIBLE

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Working From Home where possible Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, the government has issued measures stating that everyone should work from home if they can. It is important to recognise that for many businesses, working from home is impossible as they are customer facing or perform manual work that requires employees to be present. … Read moreWorking From Home where POSSIBLE

Tough Times Ahead – We Are All In This Together

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Tough Times Ahead – We Are All In This Together Without doubt we are facing an unprecedented difficult time. Small business owners are trying to make money for themselves, their family and staff. It is looking likely that we will have to make some cutbacks and decisions that go against the grain. As a small … Read moreTough Times Ahead – We Are All In This Together

Giving Back to the Community

Raised £33274.97 for St Nicholas Hospice Care

Giving Back to the Community As a business giving back to the community is important. The size of business or contribution is unimportant, however having a caring and socially aware ethos is paramount. Many businesses are becoming more aware of their corporate responsibilities and are focusing on their environmental efforts, fundraising events, Employee wellbeing and volunteering. … Read moreGiving Back to the Community

How can your business become Eco-friendly?

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How to make your business more eco-Friendly. Since the industrial revolution both carbon levels and global temperatures have increased dramatically. The carbon pollution stays in our atmosphere and consequently traps the heat from the sun. This can cause extreme weather such as intense flooding or droughts. 97% of climate scientists agree that man-made pollution is … Read moreHow can your business become Eco-friendly?