How to prevent upwards delegation working remotely

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Do your staff members often come to you with questions or problems that they could potentially work out themselves just by using their initiative? More often than not, do you end up saying “just give it to me and I’ll get it done, it’ll be quicker?” While it might be quicker to do this one … Read more

How to say “no” nicely (and not damage business relationships)


How to say “no” nicely (and not damage business relationships in the process) One of the most important things you can learn as a business owner is how to say “no” nicely and not damage any business relationships in the process. Yes, it is possible. Not only is it possible but it is also essential; … Read more

Do you have a scalable business model?

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Nobody starts a business to see it crashing after a couple of years. No one wants their business to stay small forever or to have to throw in the towel when a recession hits. Every business owner wants their business to generate sustainable revenue, one that funds the lifestyle that they want and creates a … Read more

5 easy ways to cut overheads during a recession

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So many businesses are in the position where they need to cut overheads but how do you do this without having to make anyone redundant or reducing their hours? How can you do this without having to trawl your financial reports? If you’re looking for easy ways to cut your overheads during a recession, here … Read more

Claim Money Back Through Eat Out To Help Out Scheme

Eat out to help out scheme

The Government has announced details on how to claim the reimbursement for discounts given to diners with the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme. Please talk to us if you need help with your claim and record keeping.  Who can claim? If you have registered your establishment for the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme … Read more

Business Bounce Back Loans

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Business Bounce Back Loans – what are they and should you apply for one? Since the scheme launched in May 2020 (just 3 months ago), more than 860,000 bounce back loans have been issued. This means that thousands of small businesses who are struggling due to the coronavirus have applied for and received financial help; … Read more

Family board meetings – you still need to take minutes

The Donno family

Paul and Jenni had a board meeting yesterday revolving around the cycle to work scheme and Boris Johnsons announcement regarding the new grants for Electric bikes.   Now when we say ‘board meeting’ it was actually a discussion over their ‘Avo’ on toast. The vote was a very formal “that sounds like a good idea” and … Read more

Is the new electric bike grant right for your business?

Cyclist - The cycle to work scheme

Boris Johnson announces grants for Electric Bikes, but are they a good idea for small business owners? Bikes (including E-bikes) costing over £1000 will now be included in the Governments ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme. If any of your team members are keen to cycle to work, this is a great opportunity for your business to … Read more