Bored of desktop accounting software? Join us and go online today.

Many small business clients come to us frustrated with their desktop accounting software. Using products like Sage Instant, Sage 50 and Quickbooks desktop, which have in the past been popular tools for many business owners and accountants managing their finances, those business owners are now tired of clunky, inflexible technology and are ready for something new.

At 1 Accounts Online, we’re specialists in online accounting. We’re proud that our founder, Paul Donno, has always been at the forefront of accounting software, originally building a practice using Sage 50 and Sage Instant. Paul’s previous practice was recognised as a Sage Accredited Advisor and offered support and training for what was at the time leading technology.

But as technology has progressed, so has Paul and his practice. That’s why at 1 Accounts Online, we want to match your business needs with the right online product.

Choosing the right accounting software for your business

Hosted in the cloud, Sage One is a great start to online accounting technology. But in our experience, if you’re currently using Sage 50, Sage Instant or Quickbooks Desktop, we recommend converting to Xero online accounting.

With a free migration tool, Movemybooks, we can help you to easily and quickly move your financial data from the desktop versions of Sage or Quickbooks to Xero. You can also now use Movemybooks to switch from Quickbooks Online to Xero for free.

Why Xero?

There are many benefits to converting to Xero, and with our help you’ll wish you’d have done it earlier. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Competitive pricing: £22 + VAT per month (a fraction of the cost of Sage Cover Extra)
  • Secure: your financial data is backed up automatically in the cloud and held securely on servers with multi-level security, the same level as your bank
  • Collaborate with unlimited users: add as many of your team members as necessary, as well as your advisors, at no extra cost
  • Direct bank feeds: connect directly to your bank and easily import transactions to your software
  • Easy bank reconciliation: reconcile at the click of a button.

In addition, Xero’s marketplace features more than 500+ apps that connect directly to your accounting software, from point of sale and payments to inventory and time-tracking. These apps can help you to automate or simplify tasks, giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Don’t just take our word for it

Many of our clients have moved to the cloud, including Fir Tree Technology Ltd who took a leap of faith with 1 Accounts Online.

The team at Fir Tree Technology used Sage Instant for many years and were considering moving to Sage 50 as the business was growing quickly. Already a Sage user, the business owner was hesitant to change, but on our recommendation signed up to Xero, the UK’s leading online accounting software.

Using the free Movemybooks service to migrate all the business’s financial data from their desktop software, Fir Tree were up and running on Xero in just three days.
While they were sceptical at first working with a brand new piece of software, we sent our team in to train the business owner and her apprentice. After a bit of set-up and support, the Fir Tree team now love the new software, especially Xero’s direct bank feeds allowing for easy reconciliation and the monthly Profit and Loss reports. Fir Tree’s young apprentice took to Xero immediately, really seeing the benefits of being able to access the financials on the go – at his desk, or out and about on his laptop and mobile phone.

Fir Tree now has three staff managing the financials, and 1 Accounts Online are invited in, meaning we can login to check the financial records every quarter giving us the ability to advise on the business and become an integral part of their organisation.

Let us help you move to Xero

If you’d like to discover more about how you can save both time and money by working in the cloud, contact us today.


"Xero has bought a breath of fresh air to our business, the ease of use, data retrieval and especially the live bank feeds are truly exceptional. I was very nervous at first but the training we were given by 1Accounts online and ultimately the ease of use of Xero soon elevated my fears" 

Sandra Imrie - Director Fir Tree Technology Ltd



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