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The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will remain open until the end of October,  The key points announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak are:  Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will continue until

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Reopening your business checklist ​

After Boris’ speech on Sunday, selected businesses are now allowed to open under the new HSE guidelines. If you are considering opening your Business work your way through our checklist to make

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What has changed? ​

On Sunday Boris Johnson addressed the UK and gave a speech that confused the nation. Stay alert, control the virus, save lives. Full of contradictions the speech lacked clarity and

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Do you run a children's nursery?

Do you run a children’s nursery?

DO YOU RUN A CHILDREN’S NURSERY? Beware of the new furlough rules!  If you operate a Childs Nursery or playground and receive funding from the County, please be aware of the new

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What we know so far update!

What we know so far update! We now have some more guidance on the government’s help for individuals, businesses and the self-employed. For full details of all the help available

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Calendar - virtual meeting

Running effective virtual meetings

Running effective virtual meetings Videoconferencing has been available for decades for larger companies, but until recently the majority of meeting attendees would be collected in a meeting room, with only

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Business Interruption Loan update

Business Interruption Loan Update

Business Interruption Loan Update We don’t have full details yet, but we wanted to let you know that the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan (CBIL) Scheme is going to be revamped

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Computer with light. New service for sole traders

Our new service for Sole Traders

Our new service for Sole Traders.  We have all asked the question “will periodic lockdowns become the new norm?” – No one knows, but just in case we have launched a brand-new service for

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Help for Sole traders

Help for Sole Traders

What help is there for Sole Traders! Lockdown has most likely left you anxious about your future and desperate to find away to financially survive until June. Regardless of your

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