With costs going up across the board it is unsurprising that the national living wage is also being increased. However, for businesses, particularly small ones, this could have a dramatic effect on wage bills going forward.

From April 1st 2022, the minimum wage will be increasing from £8.91PH to £9.50PH. This is a 6.6% increase on salaries. There are also increases in the lower age brackets, please follow this link to find out full details – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/minimum-wage-rates-for-2022 

We encourage you as a business to sit down and review what you are paying your staff, particularly if you have people close to the new minimum or if you are wanting to attract new team members. Keep in mind that £9.50PH is now an entry level salary and if you are wanting to attract high quality candidates you may want to pay them more than this. It is also sensible to look at what your competitors are offering in terms of salary. A good place to start is the supermarkets who are currently hiring at £11 PH.

Work out a plan of if and how you need to increase your team’s wages and then implement the changes by the 1st of April.

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