If you’ve lost clients due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you are not the only one. Countless businesses have lost a substantial amount of revenue, some of which have been forced to declare bankruptcy or shut their doors for good.

When we lose clients, it can be tempting to jump back on the sales horse and concentrate on winning new business. Of course, this isn’t wrong, but there are better ways to initially generate new revenue than trying to win more leads.

In this blog, we outline 6 ways to generate more revenue from your existing client base without spending a penny!

1. Prioritise the money you are owed first

Talk to the clients who owe you money and negotiate how they will pay their debts. You have already provided this service, so chasing up and agreeing on payment dates is the first thing you need to do. Next, bill any work in progress or completed work that has been invoiced.

If you need help getting your invoices paid then read our blog 10 ways to make sure your invoices get paid.

2. Review and start charging for your ‘freebies’

We all like to go above and beyond for our clients, but sometimes this comes at a cost. Review what you are currently giving away above and beyond the service your clients are paying for and start charging for it. Usually, this is an area where significant amounts of extra revenue can be found.

3. Consider increasing your fees

You may be hesitant about raising fees during a recession, but ask yourself: when did you last do a fee increase, and how much more time are you having to spend with your clients to support them right now? If you’re doing a lot more for less, explain to your clients that you need to increase your fees to keep giving them the level of support that they need.

4. Analyse your current client portfolio

Look at your current client base and segment them into A, B, and C clients. A clients are your most valuable and tend to bring in the most business and/or they pay very well. B clients are good quality clients who usually make up the majority of your business. C clients are usually not in line with your business anymore or are low payers and/or are picky.

Using your analysis, identify which clients need more help from you and who could benefit from other services that you offer. Start increasing your communication with your A and B clients and ditch or convert your C clients.

5. Follow up with old leads

You can ring old prospects or existing clients to check in and see how they are doing. Due to the social restrictions during the pandemic, there isn’t going to be anybody that won’t appreciate you asking how they are. Make sure to catch up with your good referrers too!

6. Increase other marketing activities

What other marketing activities can you do that won’t cost a penny? One of the best tasks you can do for your business is to focus on increasing your online presence. Good ways to do this are to regularly post to social media and to start writing blogs. Read our blog about why you should be regularly publishing blogs for some tips.

This will enable you to stay in front of prospects and clients and it ensures that you are remembered when they are ready to buy your service.

7. Always focus on your existing clients first

Your clients already like you and trust you, so they will be a lot more willing to buy more from you. If you’re looking to increase your revenue during times of difficulty, always turn to your existing clients first. You may find that you don’t need to go out and find new business after all.

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