Even though there are no longer any legal covid-19 restrictions in England, here at 1 Accounts we will be keeping some measures to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

This is especially important to us as not all of our team members have been double vaccinated yet so we want to make sure they remain as safe as possible as we return to the office!

What we’re doing to stay safe

We are planning a staggered return to the office, with most staff members moving to a hybrid work week which will include some days in the office and some days working from home. We will be making sure we are all testing ourselves weekly with lateral flow tests and will not come to the office if we receive a positive result. As we have managed for over a year with the majority of our team working from home we believe that our service will remain the same and we will be able to continue with the same level of service you expect from us.

We are keeping many Covid restrictions inside the office as well. We are maintaining social distancing and have had a 1-way system in place in the office to avoid people having to be in close proximity when passing each other.

For visitors to the office

For visiting clients we have hand sanitiser available and we are asking you to please wear a mask while inside our main office. If you have scheduled a meeting with us, you will be able to take your mask off once we are sat in the meeting room if you are comfortable doing so.

With Covid-19 cases still rising, we are being cautious about our response and will be monitoring the government and medical advice. If our response changes in any way we will be sure to let our clients know. We ask our clients to please be understanding and adhere to these requests as safety of our team and clients is our biggest priority.

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