The 1 Accounts Accumulator Challenge

This year we are thrilled to announce that we are the sponsor for St Nicholas Hospice’s Accumulator Challenge. We felt it fitting that on their 10th year anniversary we should be the sponsor as Paul won the first one raising £2600. This year we hope to get lots of business involved and make this the best year ever!

Who are St Nicholas Hospice? 

St Nicholas Hospice is a local charity providing help, advice and support to people in West Suffolk and Thetford in the final chapters of their life who are living with long-term and life threatening illnesses. Their services are not just for patients but for family members and friends too. They include anything from specialist medical care to bereavement support and practical help. To run the hospice they require £11,000 every single day. Any help to raise money to help is greatly appreciated.

What is the Accumulator Challenge? 

The Accumulator challenge is a great event for business to get involved in. On the 13th of June you will receive a crisp £50 note. From that £50 you need to generate as much profit as possible. You have until the end of September to raise as much money as you can. There will then be an awards ceremony in October to announce the winners.

What can I do to raise money? 

Here at 1 Accounts we want to help you with creating ideas to make the most money from your £50. Below are just a few ideas you could action:

  • Hold an auction
  • Hold a fundraising event
  • Complete a sporting challenge
  • Social activities

For 5 years Paul, Jenni, Jade and Katie were involved in the Challenge, they dressed up as clowns, busked, held a casino night and wine tastings. The video below shows all the fun they got up to!

What’s in it for you? 

We understand that as a business your time is precious however the Accumulator challenge can be beneficial for your business as well as the Hospice.

  • You will gain networking opportunities with people and other business.
  • It can build teamwork and moral within your staff.
  • You will gain PR/marketing opportunities from the Hospice and 1 Accounts Online
  • You will make memories for your business and have fun doing so.

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